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Don't squander the techno revolution

Realizing the potential from the new era of artificial intelligence and automation will require governments and businesses to manage the development and diffusion of frontier technologies carefully, write Christopher Pissarides and Jacques Bughin in Project Syndicate.

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Which immigration headlines should you care about?

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Xiao Wang Contributor Xiao Wang is CEO at Boundless, a technology startup that has helped thousands of immigrant families apply for marriage green cards and U.S. citizenship while providing affordable access to independent immigration attorneys. More posts by this contributor Why you should naturalize — now, not later

Newsflash! President Donald Trump is planning to deport naturalized U.S. citizens, force H-1B visa holders to return to their home countries, and revoke the green cards of lawful permanent residents. He also wants to deport the Dreamers and evict millions of other immigrants from the country. Or wait — maybe he’s planning to increase visas for skilled workers, open the door to foreign-born researchers, protect DACA recipients, and — for an encore — bar himself from the United States.

Feel like you’ve got whiplash yet? Welcome to the nerve-wracking world of U.S. immigration policy — a strange place at the best of times but one made all the more confusing by the weaponization of immigration issues for political gain and the media’s continuing failure to cut through the spin.

Tech workers are better prepared than most to cope with a torrent of

15 Techniques Businesses Can Use To Ensure Balanced Employee-Customer Happiness

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Create A Smooth Feedback LoopVirtually most tasks or functions of a business can be improved by ensuring a smooth feedback loop from all stakeholders. Customer service is no different. Creating a funnel that allows customers, employees, as well as others, to effectively and timely communicate their concerns and suggestions is the most effective way to collect comprehensive feedback, which can then be translated into actionable SOPs. – Kamyar Shah, World Consulting GroupOriginally published at

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Pinterestҳ new Mobile Ad Tools let you create, manage campaigns from your phone

Advertisers will be able to promote Pins from their business accounts right from their mobile devices. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Why should you attend MarTech?

Expert tactics, advice, and strategy are just part of the MarTech experience. Check out more of my favorite reasons to attend! Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

Whatever happened to SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud?

Effective Delegation of Authority


This week, I was joined by returning guest Hassan Osman.He’s a project management office leader at Cisco, where he leads a team of over 150 project and program……

Chief Operating Officer’s insight:

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